1 Metallurgy Plus
1 Capture Pro
1 Measure Pro
1 Medical Plus
1 Material Wiz
1 Hardness Pro
  Apart from offering an excellent software solution that is backed by a dedicated after sales services, some of our strengths at have contributed to our success are :  
  1 We provide you "a solution that is designed for you and works for you". It is customized keeping in mind the requirement of the industry you serve or the end user.  
  1 The software offers ease of operation, fast and accurate results as well as a great price performance ratio. Our prices are industry leading.  
  1 The imaging software solution works for you from the very first day, after the key factors that go into the integration of each of software, are taken care of.  
  1 You are assured of proven world class imaging solutions at affordable prices and reliable local after sales support.  
  1 We have our exclusive dealernetwork worldwide. We are exporting our software to USA, Korea, Spain, UK, France, Australia, Brazil, Egypt etc.  
  1 We provide an imaging solution that meets the exacting needs of today's stringent quality assurance standards, a solution that shall serve you in this technology driven era.  

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