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Acting as one point source for world class complete imaging solutions, Nascent Technology Inc. is amongst the leading and reputed manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of all types of image capture software, image analysis software, image management software, image processing software, image pro software etc. Our products have marked their presence across various sectors and numerous countries around the globe.
  TOur software solutions enable the researchers to capture, communicate, process, measure and analyze the image data and use it further for crucial inferences. We specialize in supply of full range of microscope related image analysis software for industrial and biological applications.
The software is extensively being used in the following areas:

    6 Forensic Sciences    
5 Biotechnology
4 Semiconductor Research
3 Thin Film Technology
2 Pharmaceutical
1 Metallurgical QC Laboratories
  Be it simple video inspection, machine vision or detailed image analysis, a surface inspection for defects or quantification of micro structure measurements data, a research project or a production line, we have an imaging solution for every application. In order to offer you a fully customized solution, we also have the facility of private labeling wherein the client can market the software under his name. Thousands of engineers and scientists worldwide are benefiting from our proven imaging solutions.  

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